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Powder cores are made ​​of tiny particles of ferromagnetic powder. Before the actual cores are produced, each powder particle is coated with a thin layer of electrically insulating material. The powder is then compressed under high pressure into the core die. The electrical insulation of the particles against each other thus enables the use of the cores at high frequencies. In addition, this isolation provides a 'distributed air gap' 'over the entire core. This leads to a high DC-bias and a smooth saturation.

We offer these materials from Micrometals Arnold :



Super-MSSTM Sendust
- Fe, Si, Al - Alloy
- Permeability: 14µ … 125µ
- Low magnetostriction


FluxSanTM Silicon-Iron
- 6,5% Si-Fe Alloy
- Permeability: 14µ … 90µ
- Highest saturation



OptilloyTM optimized alloy
- Hybrid-alloy
- Permeability: 14µ … 125µ
- Optimized saturation-losses-price ratio



MPP Molypermalloy
- Ni, Fe, Mb - Alloy
- Permeability: 14µ … 250µ
- Lowest losses


High-FluxTM Nickel-iron
- 50/50 Ni-Fe alloy
- Permeability: 14µ … 160µ
- High saturation


Moderate                                                 Saturation                                                     high


Low                                                          Losses                                                          high




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