Ferrite cores - an introduction


Ferrite cores are technical ceramics. They are made ​​of a pre-sintered ceramic powder mixed with a binder pressed into the desired shape. The resulting green compacts are then sintered in a several-hour process. The cores lose about 30% of their volume, the binder is degassed. The result is a soft magnetic ceramic.

Due to the manufacturing process expertise and experience is required to offer dimensionally accurate and high-quality ferrite cores.

Essentially 2 ferrite materials are used:

  • MnZn ferrites for power applications
  • NiZn ferrites for high frequency applications and EMI

We offer all core materials from DMEGC. Detailed information and downloads coming soon.

Large Ferrite Cores

Especially ferrites with dimensions> 70 mm edge length or diameter are extremely difficult to produce. Large presses and special experience is required for sintering.
We offer ferrite cores in extreme sizes: E-cores up to 320 mm edge length, I cores up to 400 mm edge length, toroidal cores with up to 300 mm diameter.




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