MB Electronic AG: Überblick über die thermische Leistungsfähigkeit verschiedener Kühllösungen

This diagram gives an overview of the thermal performance of various cooling solutions. It can serve as a first point of reference for the selection of an appropriate solution.



Generally, the following 4 mechanisms can be distinguished:

Natural Convection

The air passes over the cooling surface exclusively driven by convection: eg simple heat sink made ​​of aluminum or copper. The production can be done by extrusion or based on sheets.

Forced Convection

The air is blown or sucked over the cooling surface through a fan: eg Extruded heat sink with attached fan, high performance heat sink with long fins and fan

Phase change from liquids

In Heatpipes evaporation and condensation of liquits will transfer the heat extremly fast. Heat pipes can be used in heat sinks for spreading or conduct the power of hot spots to the outside and dissipate it there through Finns.

Water Cooling

Here a complete water cycle is established - consisting of water cold plate, heat exchanger, pump and water reservoir. This technology is most complex and remains subject to the extremely high cooling performance.

We offer complete engineering for each of these solutions:

  • Complex Analysis of heat conduction, convection and radiation
  • Optimization of the mounting locations for fans
  • increasing of power density
  • reduction of the volume, size and cost
  • increase the MTBF


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